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A Marketing Study Featuring Driver Mac Clark

Author: Nirupam Singh | Motorsport Prospects

September 22, 2022

(Editors Note: You may recognize the name of Mac Clark from the home page of Motorsport Prospects. In this post, guest writer Nirupam Singh looks at how Mac has maximized his social media presence and built up his community of supporters to advance his career.)

Here are the 3 steps that Mac Clark took to attract mentorship from Canadian driver James Hinchcliffe. I spent 2020 traveling with Mac Clark documenting his championship journey.

Here’s how a young racing driver caught the attention of a Canadian legend:

  • Building authentic content on social

  • Engaging with the racing community

  • Forming genuine partnerships on and off track

People get lost in the stats and forget to focus on other things that also help move the needle for your brand. These are:

  • Community

  • Resonance

  • Likeability

  • Collaboration

Authenticity is hard to find in a world where anybody can create an online persona. Mac is EXACTLY what you see online, in his content, and across his social media profiles. P.S. It helps that Mac is extremely fast and won 14 out of 16 races in 2020, and is the winner of the inaugural USF Juniors championship.

What now?

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