Mac grabbed our attention with his performance on the track.  And when we got to know him and his family, we realized he is the full package.  He has a natural focus and determination that you need to be successful in this sport.  Speed Group is excited to help Mac navigate the road to IndyCar.  I personally feel this kid has a shot at being the next Canadian racing star.


James Hinchcliffe, IndyCar Driver and Partner at Speed Group


“After working with Mac, I was quickly impressed by his quality as a race car driver.  He is very mature for his age and extremely dedicated. Our communication as a Driver/Engineer has been great since day one. He understands exactly what he needs from the car and how to give me feedback to make the car better. In my opinion, that is the most important factor to win championships.  I’m excited about having Mac drive for my team in 2021 and even more excited for his future in racing.”

Gonella 0610 final logo.png

Ernie Gonella, Owner of Gonella Racing


"When Mac came to us he was finishing his first year in cars. While it was clear  he had talent, he lacked confidence. We ran 3 weekends at the end of 2019 and every weekend he progressed well. Then the 2020 Pandemic hit, and that can define a moment either way in a person's life. Mac took the downtime to work on himself. He trained physically,  and mentally, and also worked hard practicing using the iRacing platform on his driving sim.  When we got back to the track, we were ready and most importantly Mac was ready. The progress over the Pandemic lockdown was amazing. It set the stage for a year to remember, and is a platform to build an amazing career from. Mac has immense talent, and the work effort to bring it forward. I can't wait to see where he ends up in the racing world."


David Clubine, President of Britain West Motorsport


“If you have had the pleasure to work with Mackenzie there are a few character traits that quickly become apparent. His dedication and passion for Motorsport is second to none. His work ethic and analytical approach boarders on the neurotic. And finally, you will not meet a more polite, kind hearted, superlative individual. Although, he is ruthless on the race track, his misdemeanour off track presents a true opportunity for future teams, engineers, and partners.” 


Trevor Wickens, Largest Kart Team in Canada and North American Distributor